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Music videos have been around for decades; every one has seen MTV, VH1 or a music video channel offspring.  Like the music videos you have viewed through time, VJ applies this principal; you hear “Billie Jean” while you see the “Billie Jean” music video.  Simply stated, the concept of VJ is a Disc Jockey who is spinning music videos.

D.W.I. Music VJs use two flat screen 40" LCD monitors which are hung onto a set of sleek, free standing trusses near the speakers on the dance floor or we can utilize our High Definition overhead projectors.  Elegance is important!  Being in some of the most beautiful venues in Michigan, our goal is never to detract from the ambiance but rather compliment it; know that our VJ set up is classy and non obtrusive.

During your celebration you can also use these monitors to enhance the uniqueness of your event by incorporating photo montages and ticker announcements that scroll along the bottom of the screens.  Perhaps you would like to pay tribute to your parents during the father/daughter and mother/son dances, to your the wedding party during the bridal party dance, show your child growing through the years at their sweet 16 or graduation party or honor a retiree for all their loyalty and service.  Dance With Intensity Music can produce a photo montage for anything you imagine ~ the possibilities are truly endless.

Our VJ’s have been playing music videos at various night clubs and celebrations since 2005.  We have a great deal of experience in this area which is very important when hiring a VJ.  It’s important to note that this craft can not be done correctly with two household DVD players and a mixer!

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Video Jockey

We are a social media society stimulated by both sight and sound.   The way we communicate now and obtain our entertainment has reached a new level.  In today's busy society sight and sound interaction has been born into the world of DJing and is defined VJing.  Dance With Intensity Music is one of the select Michigan DJ companies that is offering Video Disc Jockey technology to our clients.